As we all know from time to time there are pointers in need of a home, this could be for a wide variety of reasons. Anything from health issues, tragedy, relocation or divorce. We here at Perry Glen take our commitment to the breed seriously and stand ready to house rescues and to facilitate the re homing of dogs in need of their forever home.

If you think that you have what it takes to open your heart and home to a pointer in need please contact us to find out more about some of these amazing animals who have so much to offer and just need a place to call their own.



Great news

Scout is in his for ever home.

Here is an e-mail from Scout's new family.

Hi Murray and Deanna This is just a followup to my previous news about Scout . I wanted to let you know for sure and for certain that Scout has definitely found his forever home with us. He is a lovely dog, coming around to our routines, sleeping in our room, riding in our cars, marking out the property, ignoring the cat and talking to us often about what we know not. Thanks again for all your trouble, greetings from Scout "The Snout".

Thank you so much Vicki for letting Scout into your home.


A bit about Scout.

We had been contacted about 2 pointers in the Calgary Humane Society. One is Scout the other one called Watson. Watson was adopted but Scout came to Ontario to find him his forever home. They both had been at the Humane Society since early Feb 2010. Scout has been here since Mid April. He is a great dog !!!


Since Scout has been at Perryglen Kennels we have found he gets along well with our other pointers. He is a strong boy so around small dogs might not be so good. He also has been around our cat and shows no intrest in the cat. He was more interested in the doggie toy box.

Pictures of Scout at our place.