" Luke"

GCH Solivia's Skywalker FDJ

Sire : Solivia's Cancun-------------------------------Dam: Solivia's Here's My Heart


We thought we would take a little drive to Georgia USA. Well 2 days later we arrived at Solivia Kennels in Georgia to have a look at Luke. It was love. We think Luke has a lot to offer us in our breeding program. He is one neat dog!!! He came into our place like he has lived here all his life. All the other pointer kids accepted him like he has always been here.

This is a letter Luke sent Nov 24 2015 to his breeders in Georgia.

A message from "Luke" I have had a great year here in the north. I have got more letters to my name. "Grand" CH Solivia's Skywalker "FDJ". FDJ is field dog junior I love the bird dog stuff. The snow is here! WOW I really love playing in it. Also they have some really hot bitches here! I like playing with the girls. Deanna and Murray brought home a baby brother he is so much fun. I am the perfect big brother. Also I don't know why Deanna and Murray call me so many different names. I'm not a big goof am I ? Some of the names they call me are Luke went to Wuke to Wookie. Then they have Goof, Dork to Dorkasourus. I'm sure all these names mean I am the most handsome and smartest guy around here. Gotta go now ,have to go babysit the young ones. 
Love Luke.


Luke getting hugs from my niece Marissa and nephew Corbin

Photo: We would like to introduce Solivia's Skywalker  to the great white North.  Luke will be a great addition to our family  Thanks goes out to Solivia Kennels for sharing this fine young dog with us here at Perry Glen Kennels English Pointers

Luke pointing his first game bird

Luke going for a run and hanging out with Murray and Deb

Luke enjoying life.

Fun times at the US shows in Canfield Ohio 2016

Left to right.Riley,Daisy,Sparks,Luke and Pebbles